FIGZ 2018

FIGZ 2018

Monday, 24 September 2018

Theban army - DBA II/5c

After the Athenians, here come the Thebans.  I always been fascinated by the story of the sacred band of Thebe. That's the reason why I decided to the have a Theban army in my collection. Hat figures may be not as good as the Zvezda ones I used for the Athenians, but I am sure those two elements of 8Sp will rock in battle.

 The sacred band (including Gn 8Sp)

 Hoplites (Sp)

Cavalry (Cv)

Javelinmen and slingers (Ps)

Athenian army - DBA II/5b

Finally found time to take some pictures of the DBA armies I painted this year. Let's start with the Athenians. I used two Zvezda sets: 8005 Greek infantry and 8068 Spartans. Cv and Lh are by Newline Design. Never played them yet. I really look forward to seeing that array of shields lined up on the battlefields.

General (Sp)

Cavalry (Cv) and light cavalry (Lh)

Hoplites (Sp)

Archers (3Bw)

Javelinmen (Ps)

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

WIP Roman watchtower - Update #2

26 June 2018

I am now painting some sentinels to put here and there on the tower, using Roman auxiliaries from the Strelets Set M033 "Roman Auxiliaries Before Battle". It comes with interesting poses for a watchtower. A first attempt here below. Shield yet to finish

25 June 2018

Watchtower is 95% completed. I am really happy with result! Finally, may DBA Roman armies have a camp. I painted the tower with oil paints, as I read somewhere that it better penetrates the wood. It is true. I made a test with both oil and acrylic, and the oil is far better (after you find the right dilution with turpentine :-P). Only it takes long to dry up, more than two days on the shelf (maybe if I put outside, it would have taken less. Who knows?). After that a quick dry (very dry!) brush with Vallejo Game Color Bonewhite made the job.

31 May 2018

It's moving, slowly. Time for ladders.

 And then I got the idea of a modular Roman fort, which friends at the Benno's Figures Forum support. Let's see how it evolves.

16 May 2018

After so many battles with just a piece of paper 2BWx2BW to represent their camp, time came for my DBA Romans armies to have a proper camp. Considering that most of the battles were fought on the limes, I thought that a watchtower would have been a nice addition to the usual palisade.

Inspiration came from some pictures I found online of the plastic Zvezda Roman fort, now out of production and out of stock almost everywhere. Good thing is that the pictures come with the size of the tower and its components, which made easier the design of my wood replica.

I used cotton candy sticks and coffee wood stir sticks, which I looted here and there in the city at no cost.

A razor for cutting, white glue for assembling. It is shaping up pretty well.


Friday, 4 May 2018


Long time since my last post. I kept on painting and playing, though. I just didn't find time for photographing my work and posting. two pictures of a brushwork I am really proud of. Napoleon and his friend Marengo. I did them for a painting duel on the Benno's Figure Forum.
The figure is from the Italeri box "French imperial general staff".  

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Régiment Normandie - WSS

My Louis XIV army now counts two infantry regiments. Painting in 15mm is always a pleasure; it's always a surprise seeing how such small figures look great on the table. 

Napoleonic French line infantry in winter coat

Another addition to my Grande Armée. Again, I am happy with result of my brushwork and how great they look on the battlefield.

Theban army - DBA II/5c

After the Athenians, here come the Thebans.  I always been fascinated by the story of the sacred band of Thebe . That's the reason why I...