FIGZ 2018

FIGZ 2018

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Parthians - DBA II/37

Horses, many horses. It's what you need when you got a bit bored by blades, spears and warbands, in a word by all those foot units moving slowly on the battlefield (psiloi excluded). Parthians got to be the right choice and ended up rocking pretty well in war; I would say an effective combination of heavy and light cavalry. And the few fast foot units guarantee speed. Watch out artillery, though.

General and cataphracts (4Kn)

Horse archers (Lh)

Foot archers (3Bw)

Javelinmen (3Aux)

DBA Roman camp

After the Roman watchtower (, here comes my second camp for my DBA Roman armies. It is also intended to be a first piece of a modular Roman fort. Never used a BUA in my battles: I need one.

Below, how I built it, step by step.

9x9cm base of balsa wood, a piece of insulation foam carved 
to the purpose. The front wall made with a ball pen.

cotton candy stick for the palisade

 coffee wood stir stick used for the terrace

 oil colors used for painting the palisade, as they better penetrate
the wood. Then dry brush with acrylics (ochre first, then bone white).
Wood filler mixed with sand for the soil, also dry-brushed
with bone white.

A touch of static grass. Game over.

Now painting few Roman auxiliaries to bring a bit of action
to this mini-dio.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

L'empereur et ses chasseurs à cheval

I posted some time ago on my mounted Napoleon from the Italery French command set I now provided the emperor with a couple of guys from his chasseurs à cheval bodyguards, from the same Italeri set. I am veeeeeeeery happy with this trio!

Monday, 24 September 2018

Theban army - DBA II/5c

After the Athenians, here come the Thebans.  I always been fascinated by the story of the sacred band of Thebe. That's the reason why I decided to the have a Theban army in my collection. Hat figures may be not as good as the Zvezda ones I used for the Athenians, but I am sure those two elements of 8Sp will rock in battle.

 The sacred band (including Gn 8Sp)

 Hoplites (Sp)

Cavalry (Cv)

Javelinmen and slingers (Ps)

Athenian army - DBA II/5b

Finally found time to take some pictures of the DBA armies I painted this year. Let's start with the Athenians. I used two Zvezda sets: 8005 Greek infantry and 8068 Spartans. Cv and Lh are by Newline Design. Never played them yet. I really look forward to seeing that array of shields lined up on the battlefields.

General (Sp)

Cavalry (Cv) and light cavalry (Lh)

Hoplites (Sp)

Archers (3Bw)

Javelinmen (Ps)

Napoleonic French line infantry: new unit

A new squadron of line infantry for my French grande armée, including units of voltigeurs and grenadiers. ...