FIGZ 2018

FIGZ 2018

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Napoleonic French line infantry

They got me! I surrendered to nappies! After years of painting ancients and medievals, I capitulated. I am in frenzy for nappies now, I cannot stop. I started from the Hat box French line infantry 1808-1812. I painted only one third of the box, and three boxes of cavarly, one of artillery and around 40 infantrymen in greatcoat queued up already crying for colours. Yes, I am proud to present the first 32 infantrymen. I hope you like them.

Achilles vs Hector

It's a duel that always fascinated me, since high school.  Then I bought the Zvezda boxes Spartan and Greek Infantry and got inspired. A small conversion of two figures (the arm holding the spear) and this is the result. I like it!

Carthaginian war elephant

I started my DBA Late Carthaginian army (II/32) from the war elephant. The figure is from Hät 8023 - War Elephants. It's a good start and I am happy with the result. 

Régiment Piémont - WSS

My first entry into the 15mm world (and war of Spanish succession). It's been a great painting experience. I am very satisfied with the result, although pictures quality does not capture it appropriately.

Medieval French - DBA IV/64

Ladies and gentlemen, fresh from the oven, my DBA medieval French army. It took quite a time to paint and base, but I am more than satisfied with the result. It was also the first time I used coffee grounds for basing; I mixed it with white glue and static grass, then I cover with a thin layer of gloss varnish when dry and added here and there a bit of grass to break the brown monotony. And there it came Agincourt battlefield conditions. The only hope now is that history will not reapeat itself in my next DBA battle.

Hoka hey!

It's fantastic what I left behind at my parents' place. That box labeled 'Andrea's miscellanea' on the shelf in the garage, the drawer of the tallboy that was first in my bedroom and now sleeps in the basement, the backpack I used for trekking and once filled with an Epic eldar army for a tournament. They all are potential whereabouts of lost treasures. A bit messy, you would say. Anyway, the last finding (or rescue?) has been 24 plains indians by Wargames Foundry, probably dated between 1997 and 1999, the years after Serge Le Magnifik came back from Nottingham. He gave me the miniatures and they slept in the same plastic bag since then.
I lined them up, just to see the effect they would do. And I found myself moving the figures on the table imaging they were launching an attack against the blue jacket, close to scream Hoka Hey! and bang bang. Back to childhood for few minutes, still there maybe :-)
Not sure what to do with the 24 little indians, I painted one in search of inspiration. Now I look forward to seeing them all painted, and - who knows - hoka-heying in a diorama.

Imperial guard - Scout sentinels - WH 40k

Second episode of my imperial guard saga. A pair of scout sentinels I am quite proud of. It is also my first attempt with weathering; I see margin of improvement, but still it's a promising start.

Napoleonic French line infantry: new unit

A new squadron of line infantry for my French grande armée, including units of voltigeurs and grenadiers. ...