FIGZ 2018

FIGZ 2018

Friday, 11 January 2019

DBA battle report: Polybian Romans (II/33) vs Early Carthaginian (II/32)

After many DBA battles I finally attempt my first battle report. My friend Jan and I got a chance before Xmas to play a classic: Rome versus Carthage; with Jan leading the Romans and I playing the Carthaginians.

The orders of battle (see also picture below):

  • Polybian Romans (II/33) - The defender: Gen Cv, Cv, Bd (x5), Sp (x2), 3Ax, Ps (x2)
  • Later Carthaginians (II/32) - The attacker: Gen Cv, El (x2), Lh, Sp (x3), Wb (x2), Ax, Ps (x2)
The terrain: the Romans set for an open field, with  just a road and a gentle hill in addition to two compulsory plough (which did not turn into rough going because of rain).

The deployment: The Romans deploy the blade-spear block in the center, with psiloi and auxilia in front of them so as to create an anti-elephant shield. The cavalry on their right, on the road; on their left a blade ready to extend the line once moved past the hill.
The Carthaginians formed a wider line, avoiding facing Roman auxilia and psiloi with their elephants; spears in the centre, psiloi together with auxilia and horses on the wings ready to outflank.

The battle:

BOUND 1 (Rome)

The Roman infantry advances maintaining the initial formation, followed at close distance by its general. The cavalry on the road move forwards at full throttle, ending a bit too isolated from the rest of its army.

BOUND 2 (Carthage)

 The Carthaginians size the opportunity and charge the Roman cavalry with their general supported by the psiloi. The center of the army moves forwards, while the light horse on its right leaves the group and heads towards the hill (the plan is to circumvent the hill and threat the Roman camp).

The Carthaginian general doubles the Roman cavalry, which is destroyed. Carthage 1 - Rome 0. 

BOUND 3 (Rome)

The Romans promptly react to their first loss by defending their right flank with the general and side-moving psiloi and auxilia to face the Carthaginian elephants. It's going to be tough for the two pachyderms. 

BOUND 4 (Carthage)
 The first clash left the Carthaginians short-breathed and no other options but hold position waiting for the upcoming Romans charge. Only the light horses have energy enough to follow the original plan and get closer to the camp.

BOUND 5 (Rome)

And they shall know no fear! The Roman infantry clashes into the elephants relentlessly and.......

.....while a psiloi recoils from an elephant and the other one flees from the spears, the auxilia manages to kill a pachyderm. Carthage 1 - Rome 1.

BOUND 6 (Carthage)

The survived elephants freezes on the spot in fear, unable to move an inch (i.e. 1 PIP only for the Carthaginians). It remains for the spears, warbands and auxilia to counter-charge the Roman blades and try to push them back so to release pressure on the poor beast. Mixed results from the melee: a tie, one blade pushed back, one blade destroyed by the warbands (long live the WB quick kill on Bd!), a Carthaginian Ax destroyed by the blades. Carthage 2 - Rome 2.

BOUND 7 (Rome)

The Romans resist the Carthaginian charge and counter-attack. Psiloi charge the elephants, while the auxilia take its flank. Better for the pachyderm to score high with the die or it will be certain death.

The blades that destroyed the auxilia get in frenzy and charge the warbands not leaving them any room for recoiling in case of defeat. A 5 vs 4 in favor of the Romans.

The Carthaginian gods are merciful and almighty! The elephants resists the charge pushing back psiloi and auxilia. The warbands quick-kill the blade. Carthage 3 - Rome 2.

BOUND 8 (Carthage)
Do you remember the light horses that circumvented the gentle hill in bound 4? They get the Roman camp and deliver victory to Carthage.
Carthage 4 - Rome 2 

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