FIGZ 2018

FIGZ 2018

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Régiment Normandie - WSS

My Louis XIV army now counts two infantry regiments. Painting in 15mm is always a pleasure; it's always a surprise seeing how such small figures look great on the table. 

Napoleonic French line infantry in winter coat

Another addition to my Grande Armée. Again, I am happy with result of my brushwork and how great they look on the battlefield.

Napoleonic French foot artillery

It's been a productive three month period. After the dragoons, here come three pieces of artillery. Not bad at all. 

Napoleonic French dragoons

I break this 3 months silence with my first unit of French cavalry. I like these dragoons a lot. I spare any other word and let the pictures speak on my behalf. 

WIP Roman watchtower - Update #2

26 June 2018 I am now painting some sentinels to put here and there on the tower, using Roman auxiliaries from the Strelets Set M033 "...